Finished the WNFIN challenge!

A short reflection on finishing the WNFIN challenge. (You can check it out here: )

My participation this month in WNFIN has been transforming and motivating. I have benefited so much from the posts I received everyday and really appreciate the writers who generously shared from their experience and expertise.

Although I do want to write a book (my goal for December is to get a good start on it), my goal for November was to get my blog [] up and running by writing and posting everyday on different topics related to reflective practice for teachers. I’m so happy to have accomplished my goal! Today I had 19 page views on my blog and on the best day there were 40 page views. This might not seem like a very high number, but it’s amazing to me that so many people read what I had written.

I followed the advice of writing short posts – most of my posts were 400 – 500 words. It was the perfect length to say something useful and beneficial without dragging things out too long. Especially since I was writing daily and regularly posted links to my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, I didn’t want to discourage my readers with long, drawn-out posts. It’s possible to say quite a lot in 500 words.

Some tips from this experience.

  1. The best tip that I can give is “just start writing.” When I look over my list of posts I’m amazed at how much of what I wrote wasn’t planned. Rather it grew organically out of what I was working on and thinking through each day. Actually writing, and not just planning, helped me discover what I wanted to say.
  2. Short and finished is better than longer and not done yet. Now that I’m planning to post two or three times a week, I still think that I’ll try to keep to the 500-word guideline.
  3. Content is more important than bells and whistles. I chose a self-hosted website (rather than a free blog) and hope to jazz it up as time goes by, but readers come for the content not the spiffy images and graphics. Simple, honest content is best.

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