Poem – Dust of Snow, pt. 2


Here’s the picture that I wanted to add to my post yesterday but I needed to ask the artist for permission first. Many thanks to dosankodebbie of http://etegamibydosankodebbie.blogspot.ca/ !

This one-of-a-kind illustration is the size of a regular postcard. It’s actually an etegami [definition from the blog: Etegami (e= “picture”; tegami= “letter/message”) are simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words.]

You can find the story behind this particular etegami from dosankodebbie’s blog here: http://etegamibydosankodebbie.blogspot.ca/2011/01/dust-of-snow.html

Maybe I should’ve mentioned yesterday that I remembered this poem because this etegami is framed and hanging on my wall? 🙂

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