Teach and reflect and teach…

Teach and reflect and teach and reflect and teach… (and repeat) (Of course, if you truly reflect on your teaching, you never repeat yourself.)

This is one of the last posts written on my vacation in Portugal. During this week I’ve tried to clarify the different aspects of the declaration I posted last month. Even if not all the posts were directly connected to the main topic of this blog, they still shed light on my ideas and beliefs about teaching and learning.
One of my key beliefs is that teaching and reflecting go hand in hand. It’s quite obvious that teaching without reflecting is possible. But is it possible to reflect without teaching first? I don’t think it is because reflection implies that we need something to reflect on.
Two of the purposes for reflecting on our teaching are to find reasons why something didn’t go as we planned or to build on something that went well. That’s why if you truly reflect on your teaching, you never repeat yourself. In the first case you’ve made changes based on your reflections and in the second case you’ve clarified your beliefs about teaching and learning and therefore are teaching more purposefully.

Pretty simple really.

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